Our Story

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As a committed vegetarian for many years the hardest part for me (as most vegetarians will tell you) was giving up cheese!

After digging deeper into the dairy industry it became clear to me that I had to give up dairy to honor my deep compassion for animals and for the planet .

I became vegan around 4 years ago but could not find any dairy free cheeses that were game changers for me, the ones I tried did not fill my tastebuds with joy, so I set about making my own. After much trial and error in 2023 One Love Planet came to be!

I love creating meals and memories and showing love through the food I make for family and friends so variety, taste and flavour were key! 

Creating this business came from a desire to make products that could close the gap so that everyone (dairy free or dairy eaters) could really enjoy the cheeses together, and hopefully to change some minds along the way!

We are here to help people transition to a more compassionate way of nourishing their bodies and make a difference to the planet, while enjoying the best plant based products!
 If everyone does just one thing to make a small
difference we can create a better more loving planet to live upon.

~Janin Dei-Conti owner and founder of One Love Planet~