Important Ordering & Shipping Info

Our cheeses take some time to prepare so if you need something urgently please order a week in advance. our time frame is usually 5-7 days

For shipping order cut off is Wednesday (the week before) at 11.30pm, and your order will ship  the following Tuesday/wednesday.

For local delivery and collecting order cut off is Thursday (the week before) at 11.30pm, and your order will be delivered / ready for collection Thursday/Friday following week

Subscription orders ship between the 1st and 3rd of the month following your order, your first subscription order may take some time to arrive if you ordered 1st of month will only ship the 1st of the next month (cut off for ordering is 22nd of each month to qualify for next months subs delivery)

If you order outside of these times we may still be able to fulfil your order for that week. If not your order will carry over until the following week times stated above

If you are in the South Island we believe your best option to receive our cheeses is with overnight shipping which is unfortunately pricey - however maybe club together with some friends so we can save on carbon footprint and you can save on shipping!

If you are rural or South Island and would like to still order- please contact us here so we can try to help you!


 If you choose Shipping : Our cheeses are shipped via the North Island - overnight and are sent out on a Tuesday/Wednesday with one reusable ice pack . You can purchase an extra icepack for your shipping (recommended). 

Next day delivery is not guaranteed as courier delivery varies therefore shipping is at the buyers own risk, If you would like to order rural please contact us., 

If you choose Delivery: Deliveries will be made on usually between wednesday to Friday the week after you order (depending on when you ordered and we will notify you) - delivery includes 1 ice pack.

If you are Collecting : Your order will be in our collection box on usually a Thursday or Friday the week following your order (depending on when you ordered and we will notify you) from 2-6pm.

Subscription orders : Subscription orders (bundles or singles) will ship from the 1-3rd of the month following your order- cut off is 20th of month so if you order on the 25th of the month your order will not go out the next month but the month after that )



Please place your cheese into the fridge as soon as you can!

Of course we do our best to ensure your cheese arrives in perfect condition, but we try to keep courier and packaging costs down, so all shipping and deliveries are at buyers risk.